Office Buildings Insurance

Choose Tapoly for your professional indemnity insurance and you can get office buildings insurance as an optional add on. There's no need for an annual policy - just choose how long you need your cover for. We'll let you tailor a comprehensive insurance policy that suits your unique business requirements.

What is Office Buildings Insurance?

If your business premises are damaged by fire, flood, or some other natural disaster, office buildings insurance will cover you for the costs of setting things right.

Whether you own the freehold, leasehold, or even if you're a tenant, office buildings insurance enables you to protect your premises in the event of the unthinkable.

What Does Office Buildings Insurance Cover?

  • Trace and access - Whether it's damaged cables, underground pipes, or a leak of gas or water, we'll help you find the source of the incident and cover all the costs of doing so. On top of that, provided the damage was not caused by wear and tear, we'll cover the cost of repairs to pipes, drains and cables. And of course, we'll cover all the repairs your property might need.
  • Loss and prevention costs - Whether you need to protect your buildings against potential damage or further damage, we'll cover any reasonable costs incurred.
  • Building damage from theft - If your building is damaged as the result of theft or an attempted break-in, we'll cover any reasonable repair costs.

What Doesn't Office Buildings Insurance Cover?

Office building insurance doesn't cover you for property damage caused by gradual deterioration and general wear and tear. This can include damage caused by corrosion, dry rot, natural erosion, mould, mildew, and the action of insects and vermin.

Our buildings insurance doesn't cover for business interruption or indirect losses resulting from the incident that caused you to claim. For this, you'll need to choose business interruption insurance as an add-on to your professional indemnity insurance policy.

Finally, buildings insurance doesn't cover you for thefts of data assets that arise from cyber breaches. However, all Tapoly professional indemnity insurance policies include cyber liability insurance at no added cost, we also offer cyber breach response insurance as an add-on to your professional indemnity insurance policy.

Do I Need Office Buildings Insurance?

If your offices were damaged by fire or flood, or otherwise compromised by an attempted break-in, would that be the end of your business? Would you be able to recover, or would the costs of recovery prove too much?

No business owner wants to face an unexpected disaster like a fire or a flood, and these are the sort of unwanted events that could strike any business at any time. But with office buildings insurance, you'll be able to rest assured that, no matter what happens, you'll be covered.

This is why all businesses should consider office buildings insurance cover, even if you're operating as a tenant in a managed property. With comprehensive cover, you'll be able to recover from any nasty surprises. And most important of all, we'll take care of everything - so you'll be able to concentrate on getting your business back on track.