Insurance on tap

On demand insurance for freelancers, sole traders, contractors, home letters, equipment lenders and anyone else who is part of the sharing economy or gig economy.

We are in beta launch. If you need short term insurance for a work contract or for your business then email us now at

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Freelancer insurance

Small business insurance

No more annual policies

Core features

We work with advanced tech companies and major insurance heavyweights to provide you with the best possible cover, all under the umbrella of a single easy to use account.

Price tag

Low cost

Our per-day cover is cheaper for occasional use, compared to a yearly policy from a traditional insurer.



We insure many types of work-related risks, and you can choose the cover to suit your needs.



Once you're signed up you can opt in and out of cover whenever you need to, using our website or mobile app.



We use the latest technology to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure at all times.

An end to endless paperwork


Below are just some of the huge range of professions that we insure:



Software and app developers, hardware specialists, IT systems and back-end support. We've got you covered.



Designers, photographers, writers, and producers. We understand your needs and environment.


Management consultants

Business, HR, marketing, cyber security, recruitment and public relations to name just a few.


Other specialists

Lecturers, lifestyle coaches, bookkeepers, speakers, advisors, and PAs - we've got it covered for you.