Cyber Breach Response

Choose Tapoly for your professional indemnity insurance and you can get cyber breach response insurance as an optional add on. This is insurance that's absolutely tailored to suit your unique requirements.

What is Cyber Breach Response Insurance?

Cyber breach response insurance protects your business online. If your system is hacked, or if you suffer a data breach, we will cover the cost of getting your website and your systems back up and running.

What Does Cyber Breach Response Insurance Cover?

  • Legal and Forensic Services - We'll appoint experts to uncover the source of the security breach. They'll assess the extent of the breach and advise on the action that needs to be taken to securely restore your systems.
  • Computer Security Failure - We'll cover you for any valuable data assets stored on your computer system, whether that data is altered, corrupted, damaged, or deleted outright. We'll also cover you should you unknowingly pass a virus onto any client or customer computers because of the breach.
  • Notification Services - If any individuals have been affected by a security breach of your systems, we'll let them know on your behalf.
  • Call centre services, credit monitoring and identity monitoring solution - We will provide the call centre resources and monitoring specialists to anyone who may have been compromised because of the security breach to your systems.

Do I Need Cyber Breach Response Insurance?

Cybercrime is a growing threat to all businesses in all sectors, from sole traders and freelancers, to SMEs and multinationals. It feels like every week the news is full of alarming stories about the latest major breach. And any business that falls victim to cybercrime stands to lose a lot. The financial costs alone can be devastating. But perhaps even worse are the potential damages to reputation. Will your customers ever trust you with their data again?

Cyber breach response insurance can give you the peace of mind that your business will be able to recover from the effects of a cyber-attack. We can help you to locate the source of the security breach, which will help you to protect your business against future attacks. We'll cover you for any essential data lost through the breach. And with our call centre, credit and identity monitoring services, we'll take care of all the legwork required to help everyone affected by the service make a full recovery - leaving you free to get on with business.

How Much Does Cyber Breach Insurance Cost?

Cyber breach response insurance can be added to the standard professional indemnity insurance policy.