Personal Accident Insurance

Get professional indemnity insurance from Tapoly and you can choose personal accident insurance as an optional extra. This is insurance cover on your terms.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance will cover you for most accidents and injuries that happened by chance and which could not be expected. So if you're put out of action for an extended period of time, you won't have to worry about any loss to your income. Instead, you'll be able to rest assured that everything will be taken care of while you focus on your recovery.

What Does Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Our personal accident insurance will pay you the capital benefit amount selected at the start of the policy for each person who is injured in an accident resulting in the following injuries within 24 months:

  • Amputation or paralysis at or above the wrist or ankle
  • Total and irrecoverable loss of all sight in one eye
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Temporary total disablement for a maximum of 104 weeks at a rate of £50 per week
  • Death

What Doesn't Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Personal accident insurance won't cover you for multiple injuries, or for any injuries that result more than 24 months after the initial accident. It will not cover any insured person who is under 16 or over 70 years old, and it will not cover for prolonged periods of illness. Also, we don't cover for repetitive strain injury, as this condition typically occurs over time and cannot be traced to a single incident.

Our personal accident insurance is intended to cover you for accidents that could not be expected, and that were not your fault. It will not cover you for injuries sustained after performing high risk activities, including parachuting, water skiing, winter sports, motorcycling, or any type of flying where you're not a passenger in a licensed aircraft. It also won't cover you for injuries sustained because of alcoholism or drug addiction.

Do I Need Personal Accident Insurance?

If you're a freelancer or a sole trader, you won't be protected by your employer's employee liability insurance, and you won't get any statutory pay for any periods you're unable to work. So if you're involved in a major incident that compromises your ability to work, your income may be severely affected.

This is where personal accident insurance can be a lifesaver. It'll take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on your recovery. However, business owners should also consider personal accident insurance, as it can cover you for certain instances that may not be covered by your standard, legally-required employee liability insurance.

How Much Does Personal Accident Insurance Cost?

You can add personal accident insurance to your professional indemnity insurance policy from Tapoly.