Office Contents

What is office contents insurance?

Office contents insurance gives you protection should you experience a theft, damage or loss to your business equipment or property on your premises or away from your premises.

What does office contents insurance cover?

It covers you against theft of, or damage to, the contents of your offices. This includes laptops, gadgets, phones and other business equipment. If something happens to these items then Contents insurance will re-imburse you for the cost of replacing or repairing them.

Cover extends to include any damage or theft that occurs to your equipment while you are travelling with it in the UK or abroad. It is also covered if it is away from your business premises for another reason, such as at an exhibition.

Office contents cover also includes:

  • Glass and signage damage at your premises
  • Damage to landscaped gardens
  • Money stolen from your business premises, away from your premises or while in transit
  • Personal belongings
  • Reconstitution of electronic and non-electronic data
  • Repair of locks damaged during a burglary
  • Business equipment kept at home
  • Personal assault following robbery or attempted robbery, at or away from your business premises or in transit
  • Costs associated with the removal of debris
  • Emergency loss prevention costs

Do I need office contents insurance?

If you work from home then it is unlikely that your home insurance policy will cover you for theft or damage to your business equipment, unless you have specifically had this added. In order to ensure that you can get back to work quickly if such an event happens, then you would be advised to have this cover in place.

If you have work premises or work away from the office then this cover gives you the peace of mind that if the worst happens you will be able to keep your business going.

Is office contents insurance required by law?

No, office contents insurance isn't compulsory under UK law.

How much office contents insurance do I need?

The level of cover you choose should reflect the amount of business equipment you have purchased for your business. This will depend on your own estimate of the value of the items you want to insure.

How much does office contents insurance cost?

This will depend on the level of cover you choose (based on the amount of business equipment you have purchased) and on how and where you work.

Do I have to pay an excess?

There is a small excess payment required for our office contents insurance. However, you only have to pay this if you successfully claim against the insurance, so you can call us to discuss any loss or damage you may have suffered without worrying that we are going to charge you for it. We are here to help.

What's not covered by office contents insurance?

Office contents insurance will re-imburse you for the cost of replacing or repairing your business equipment.

It does not cover you if you make a mistake during the course of your work that causes financial loss. This would be covered by Professional Indemnity.

Nor does it protect employees or clients if they are hurt on your premises - these instances would be covered by Employer's Liability and Public Liability.