Why us

Get your on-demand insurance cover within two minutes. We offer a full range of commercial insurance products that you can choose from, whether for a day or the whole year.

Customers can tailor their insurance to their specific needs and only pay for insurance when they really need it.

About us

We offer on-demand insurance for freelancers, contractors, SMEs, and anyone else in the sharing economy, so they don't have to worry about commercial risks and have more time to focus on doing what they love.

We see Tapoly as an essential part of the growth of the sharing economy and the gig economy, we want to solve world-wide issues of people not being insured due to lack of availability of suitable and flexible insurance products. We recognise the importance of the sharing economy as it solves economic, social and environmental issues which most countries are currently facing, whether those are lack of housing, traffic congestion or simply making enough money to support one's family.


Real time dashboard

We offer a real-time dashboard for our customers to view their current and previous policies.


Easy to integrate API

For corporate partners and affinity platforms, we offer an easy to integrate API. To find out more see our Partnership page.

Meet the team

Janthana's picture

Janthana – Founder & CEO

Through her own experience of trying to purchase the right insurance easily and affordably when letting out her spare room through Airbnb, it highlighted the need for change within the insurance sector. Nothing appeared to be tailored to the sharing economy.

Tapoly was created from Janthana’s vision to make sure that everyone in the sharing economy can get access to a comprehensive insurance solution at a fair price.

Sam's picture

Sam – Co-Founder & CTO

Having been involved in the software engineering industry for over 20 years, within both start-ups and established companies, Sam’s professional experience covers finance, file systems, databases, kernel programming, websites, encryption, UI, and 3D graphics.

Sam designs systems with the future in mind, keeping things simple yet flexible so they can be adapted to follow the evolution of the business they support. His knowledge, skills and vision help create the Tapoly you see today.