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Listed below are the types of insurance that Tapoly provides. Different people have different insurance needs, and you should make sure you are covered for your own particular risks.

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Professional Indemnity

Freelance consultants and small businesses can be at risk of being sued for negligence by unhappy clients. If that happens to you, then this insurance will pay for your legal costs, up to a limit of £2 million.

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Public Liability

If you are bringing clients into your home or office, then it should be safe for them. This means that you can be at risk of being sued if they injure themselves while they are there. Alternatively, if you are visiting clients then you could be liable if you cause an accident. This insurance will pay for your legal costs in these cases, up to a limit of £5 million.

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Employer's Liability

If you are employing people to work for you, then you should provide a safe working environment. Even if you do that, and there is an accident, then you could be at risk of being sued. If that happens, then this insurance will pay for your legal costs, up to a limit of £10 million.

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Cyber Breach Response

This covers costs involved in investigating and fixing a data breach or hack of your IT systems, where someone has stolen or leaked the data you hold about clients. It also covers your obligation to notify the people affected by the breach.

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Directors & Officers

If you have set up a limited company with directors then this insurance provides extra protection for them, in case they make a mistake while performing their obligations and fiduciary duties as directors.

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Buildings Insurance

If you are renting commercial office space, you may be liable for any damages you cause to the building. This insurance will cover you for such damage, up to an agreed maximum sum.

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Contents Insurance

If you use computers or expensive equipment for your work then this insurance will cover you for theft or accidental damage to these items, whether you work from home or in an office.

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Business Interruption

Unexpected disasters, such as a fire or flood, can force your business to close while everything is fixed. Business Interruption insurance covers the loss of income while you can't trade.

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Personal Accident

This insurance covers you and your employees against any accidents or injuries that happen either at work or outside work. In the event of such an accident you will receive a lump sum payment.

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