Marketing & PR

As a marketing or PR consultant, you know how unpredictable the results of a given campaign can be, but do your clients? They place a great deal of trust in your advice, and they invariably expect a return on their investment, but the public can be fickle and unpredictable. Even if you've gone to great lengths to manage your client's expectations, if they make a loss or suffer reputational damage as a result of your advice, they may make a claim against you.

What do I need?

No matter how experienced you are as a PR or marketing consultant, mistakes can happen. You're valued for your insight and your strategic approach to communication. But even so, you can never be 100% sure just how your client's customers will react to any given campaign. Through following your advice, your clients could end up losing money, or even suffering reputational damage. This is why no marketing or PR consultant should be without professional indemnity insurance. It offers protection against claims of negligence, dishonesty, defamation, libel, slander, and even intellectual property infringement. It will cover your legal costs for any claims made against you, and it can also provide your clients with financial compensation for any losses they may incur.

Professional indemnity insurance isn't the only cover we recommend to marketing and PR consultants. Does your work involve site visits, or in-house consultations for your clients? If so, public liability insurance will cover you for any accidents or injuries you might accidentally cause while out and about – even if it's just spilling coffee over your client's laptop. Speaking of damage to property, you should consider office contents insurance to protect the gadgets and equipment you need to do your job. After all, where would you be without your smartphone?

Beyond this, your insurance requirements as a PR or marketing consultant will depend on the size of your business. If you operate alone, you'll probably get by with the products we've already listed. However, if you employ any staff, UK law requires you to get employer's liability insurance, to cover your team for any on-the-job injuries they may incur. Finally, if you run a limited company, any claims may be made against your decision makers. In this case, you'd need directors & officers insurance cover in addition to your professional indemnity insurance.

What does Tapoly cover?

Our marketing & PR consultant professional indemnity covers you for:

  • From £100,000 to £2m of professional indemnity cover as standard
  • Financial compensation up to the policy limit
  • Cover for claims of negligence, dishonesty, defamation, libel, slander and more
  • Cover for your legal defence, including lawyers and court expenses, which is payable in addition to the policy limit
  • Irrecoverable fees cover – where there is negligent advice and it makes commercial sense to waive an outstanding invoice