What Is Public Liability Insurance?

A Brief Overview Of Public Liability Insurance. What is public liability insurance? Simply put, it is a type of insurance available to businesses. It protects you when clients visit you at your premises and when you’re working at someone else’s. It’s designed to cover any costs that might result from a member of the public […]

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When PL Doesn’t Mean Premier League

PL Is Premier League, More Importantly, PL Is Public Liability Cover. Seeing the initials PL might start to get any football fan excited. It’s a reference to one of your favourite sports, and it’s always exciting when the new season comes around. But PL doesn’t always stand for Premier League – in business it often […]

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Why You Need Public Liability Insurance To Protect Your Business

No More Nasty Surprises – Public Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Business.   Public liability insurance protects your business when someone makes a claim against you related to an injury or damaged property. If someone is injured while visiting you or while you’re carrying out work on their premises or in their home, this insurance […]

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Insurance For The Gig Economy Is A Must – 10 Reasons Why

10 Reasons Why Insurance Is Vital In The Gig Economy Insuring your business is important, especially if you’re a freelancer or a contractor. Assuming your business is too small to need insurance is a mistake. You might actually need it more than the larger businesses. If you’re part of the gig economy, you need to […]

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